Thursday, September 20, 2007

Upcoming Class

In my art classes I encourage students to play and have fun. Why do art if it isn't fun? It can be hard to get started painting. In our society of hyper-competition, to do something that you might not be good at can feel risky. Sometimes students feel nervous about having someone even see their artwork. I have a few tricks. I will give you some ways to paint with out risk. I give assignments. I don't make you do them. I don't grade you on them. But I build myself in as a scapegoat. If it doesn't turn out as well as you wanted, you simply didn't connect with the my assignment. An assignment also lets you stretch your wings when you get too caught up in something. I often give myself assignments to get myself out of a rut. Students have freedom to explore their own interests. In those times I serve as a technical adviser. I offer constructive criticism to help push your ideas more.

Working with Water-Based Paints:
Watercolors, Acrylics and More

8 Thursday nights 6-8:30pm
September 27-November 29 no class November 15, or 22.
Members $75 nonmembers $90
Maude Kerns Art Center
1910 E 15th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403

Monday, September 17, 2007

Teague's Beads

I have a new Studio-mate! Teague Cohen is from Portland and a graduate of Colorado College. She is a bead maker and sells her beads on ebay and etsy. I have been fascinated watching her work. She uses a process called lamp-work. Each bead is built on a steel rod by melting glass with a torch. She carefully works each bead with class rods, powdered glass and metals. Then the beads are placed in a kiln to cure. Teague has an online store where she sells bead sets and focals for jewelry makers and collectors.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I started a new blog called DaddyFriendly. This is where I an other contributors review products that are "daddy friendly". Many of the products out there are geared toward moms and thats great but some things work better for dads.