Sunday, September 25, 2011

Robert Canaga Studio

I went to Robert Canaga's Studio today. He generously walked me and a couple other visitors through the Solar Plate printmaking process. I have been wanting to do solar printing and now I feel confident to finally give it a try.

I took a series of photos of Robert printing a plate from his current Vinyard Series. I was impressed that he is able to produce his prints solvent free. 



through the press

pulling the print

signing the print

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drawing Class

I will be teaching a class at the Oasis Center in Eugene, Oregon.
Fun with Pencil and Watercolor
class # 108
Monday 10/10 - 11/14
1pm -3pm
6 sessions
 I will also be doing a free demo to promote my class the week before. Come Check it out!
Monday 10/3, 1pm - 2pm (class #106)