Friday, April 27, 2007

Last Friday Art Walk

It is already time for the Last Friday Art Walk. I hope to see you here. It looks like it going to be a beautiful night. So that mean fun in Eugene. This picture is from my sketchbook. I drew this box of wine while at The Broadway Bistro & Wine Bar eating a roast beef sandwich before my life drawing class one Tuesday. I used my artistic license to alter the sign. It fits for tonight.Come by the studio and I will give you a glass of wine.

Maybe you saw my print in the Eugene Weekly. I will have "Munin" available framed and unframed. If you want to do something artsy for Last Friday I made a list of possibilities in an earlier post.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Aloe in the Mayor's Office

My painting "Aloe" is on loan to Eugene City Mayor Kitty Piercy and hanging in her office.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fun With Art

I was thinking about the Last Friday Art Walk here in Eugene. It could be even more fun if the guerrilla artists came on down. Are there any more guerrilla artists?

Here are some ideas that anyone can do as a guerrilla artist.

Wear a trench coat. Hang art on the inside as if you are selling stolen watches. Get people to haggle with you. Sell it all.

Where a sandwich board displaying your art. Ring a bell. Proclaim "This is art"

Get arrested for showing art. If they let out meth dealers and car thieves after a few hours, how long could they keep you? Great for the resume.

Have an art parade.

Sell crayon portraits for a nickel. Be sure to bring change.

Compose instant poetry for people. Charge a penny a word.

Set up a shoeshine stand and offer to spray paint peoples sneakers gold or silver for $3.

Add your ideas to the comments.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Print Release

I have a new print now available. Munin (memory) is the name of one of Odin's two ravens that traveled the world gathering information. On return they perched on his shoulders and whispered what they saw on their travels.

Title: "Munin"
Medium: 2 color linoleum block print
Edition size: 30
Image size: 3.5"x 2"
Paper size: 5"x 4"
Available on