Friday, March 28, 2008

Art in Motion

Recently Kim Hanson, an art teacher from Springfield School District, asked me to come do a demonstration at a local elementary school. Kim has been getting grants for a program called Art in Motion that teams up High Schoolers with elementary school classes. Kim works with the students and elementary school teachers to do an art class for the kids. The high school kids get a great learning experience with their part and the elementary school kids love it.

I started by coming to the high school, doing a demo one day with just the High School Mentors. They watched and absorbed my process. A couple weeks later I went to the elementary school and did a demo for second and third graders. The High School mentors returned to in following weeks to work on the kids own still life project. I really enjoy doing these type of in-school-residencies. I haven't had many opportunities to do them in recent years. I assume that government funding for isn't there as it used to be.

In this demonstration I used acrylic paint. I also used a photo as reference although I usually have a table with actual objects. I use oil in my own work but the kids use acrylic so I used acrylic. There has been more call for me to teach acrylic. I think because oil is associated with toxicity. I can teach solvent free and use nontoxic colors. I have heard of more people developing sensitivity to acrylic because it is a chemical where as the oil in oil paint vegetable oil. Acrylic is still less intimidating if only perceived.

I have developed a technique for working with acrylic that is different than my technique in oil. I start by painting a fairly developed monochromatic tonal study before I begin with color. I do this for two reasons. the first is that the acrylic dries fast so it is impossible to make wet adjustments. Second the colors dry darker than they are applied so they always need to be adjusted. I found that it is best to figure out the lights and darks first and then start with the color. I was able to do this entire painting in less than 45 minutes while fielding questions. It is exciting to sit down in front of an audience and try to make a speed painting. There is always the chance I could mess up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last Friday Art Walk

It is already time for the Last Friday Art Walk. Teague and I will be open 6-9pm as usual. Come visit us. I have my blog set up so you can sign up to receive emails when I post. So sign up on the right and you will get get a reminder to come out to the art walk. Don't forget your map.

Monday, March 17, 2008

sketchbook watecolor demo

I did this painting in the sketchbook I mentioned before. It was during the last class of the watercolor class I teach at Maude Kerns Art Center. I will be starting up again in a couple weeks. It is an interesting light situation. The background is washed out through glass. The fruit on the window sill is back lit and contrasty. I used a photo I took at my house. I love that window because it is a perfect height for me to stand and lean on the sill. I often sit my 10 month old son, Henry, on the sill and watch.

I will also be doing a new class called Art On The Go. Each week we will be going to a different location to work. It is going to be fun.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Register Guard comes to the studio

The Register Guard, the local newspaper of Eugene, came to the studio because they were doing a story on A lot of news papers are including online videos along with stories.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ready for Opus6ix

Here are three paintings ready for Opus6ix. There is a little glare so I guess you will have to ask to see them at the First Friday event tomorrow.