Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Electric Car Idea

Here is a kernel of an idea I want to put out there. The idea is based on toy slot cars. Long highways can be installed with electrically charged tracks embedded in the road. Electric cars would drop an electrode that would use the electricity. Electric cars could go longer distances and even charge while they drive. As cars enter the highway ramp they would get tickets like on a toll road and pay as they exit.

There is also the possibility to drive on auto pilot on these highways. The car would use the track to steer. Distance could be maintained with sonar and speed control. Passing would still be possible by lifting the electric electrode and driving normally.


elmerio de lassssssss noches said...

I like that idea.

And do you think there would be electrical relay stations? An enormous grid? Maybe they could start with Route 66. (I was actually born within spitting distance of Route 66.)

Right now they sell cars that are self-pilot.

And I wonder how this would take with the American individualist?

And of course in this day and age one wonders about terrorism.

Actually my mind does seem to swarm with questions, and may not be coming out coherently, but I'm off to take an older gent lemon tarts, I heard him say he likes them. He's 79, and sits in bed 24/7 huffing cigarettes and listening to WQXR, the main classical station in NYC. My friend Rom is his roommate.

au revoir, too-da-loo,

john said...

Gas cars could still use the electric highway. They shouldn't have to pay if they aren't using the electricity or at least pay less. Electric cars would still have the freedom to drive on non electric roads.

Robert said...

This idea is something I have wondered about for years. The process could start with the interstate system and I-5 to be specific. The concept would really help ease congestion by controlling the managing the speed of all of the vehicles on the road.

I also want to address the individualist issue mentioned in one of the previous comments. The benefit of being able to basically let the car take over would free drivers to do office work, watch tv, read, nap, eat etc. I believe this benefit would outweigh the loss of control that would take place.

For the time being I will simply continue to ride my new (holiday purchase) Beach Cruiser bike when feasible.

Eugene, OR