Monday, January 29, 2007


I like what Dennis Hollingsworth thinking about. skillz- the would be artist should create their own skill training regimen. A sculptor would learn more about metal fabrication at a community college than from any 25 year old MFA art professor. An art school could be half poly-tech and half art history and philosophy.

A different approach would be to train an artist to access technical trades men as an architect does the building trades. The artist as the mastermind directing metal fabricators.
Post Studio sits in the chair of an engineer without scope or experience to know what is possible.

Where is the art for the artist? Is it purely in the concept or does it flow from the process of making? The art is the process for the artist and the product for the audience. The product may 99% concept but takes some form to bridge the mind gap.


Marc Snyder said...

Hi John,
I think you would really enjoy Ben Shahn's book of essays "The Shape of Content". One of the essays concerns the proper education of the artist - this was at a time when the studio artist was just being introduced into the university, and he had his doubts about what would happen. I think you would enjoy his recommended curriculum for the artist-to-be.

John Holdway said...

Thanks Marc. I will see if I can find it.