Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fun With Art

I was thinking about the Last Friday Art Walk here in Eugene. It could be even more fun if the guerrilla artists came on down. Are there any more guerrilla artists?

Here are some ideas that anyone can do as a guerrilla artist.

Wear a trench coat. Hang art on the inside as if you are selling stolen watches. Get people to haggle with you. Sell it all.

Where a sandwich board displaying your art. Ring a bell. Proclaim "This is art"

Get arrested for showing art. If they let out meth dealers and car thieves after a few hours, how long could they keep you? Great for the resume.

Have an art parade.

Sell crayon portraits for a nickel. Be sure to bring change.

Compose instant poetry for people. Charge a penny a word.

Set up a shoeshine stand and offer to spray paint peoples sneakers gold or silver for $3.

Add your ideas to the comments.

1 comment:

Kelli Tinker said...

Stand on a freeway exit with a sign that says will work for ART or Buy art so that I can eat!