Monday, December 17, 2007

Emily Ruth

I came across Emily Ruth's Blog. She writes about her visit to the studio sale. Thanks for coming by Emily.


K. Faulkner said...

Hi John! I have your blog in my blogroll, so it had been a little while since I visited your homepage. But, I visited Emily Ruth's page, which linked to your home page, where I noticed that you have an Etsy shop (gotta love hyperlinks). I am a big fan of Etsy. I hope to see more of your art there. That was me who marked you as a favorite today. :-)

By the way, I can't find the raven print anymore. Did you sell it? I can't remember.... Were there two prints? One for Hugin and one for Munin?

John Holdway said...

Hi Katherine
I did sell all the prints I had of Munin but the good news is that I only printed half of the edition. So I will post it on etsy when I have them ready. I haven't made a Hugin yet but I plan to.