Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anarchist Kid

This is a linoleum block print. It is printed with black oil based ink on white mulberry paper. The image size is 4 inches square. It is signed in a edition of 14.

I got the idea for this print while sketching at the library in downtown Eugene, Oregon. In the Summer in Eugene you see the vagabond kids start showing up around town. Maybe it is everywhere. Eugene has a reputation as hippy haven. They are still coming. I remember the romance of being a dharma bum. Having done it a bit it stirs a empty spot. This print remembers the angst and desperate desire to suck the marrow from life.

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shaun said...

John, those are some interesting thoughts about "Anarchist Kid" and what inspired you to create it. Yeah, I think most of the towns that have reputations for being a hippy havens attract the wayward youth, especially out West. I can't think of too many East Coast equivalents. At least not many South of the Mason-Dixon line.