Friday, May 31, 2013

Bulldog painting

I wanted to show the progression for a painting of a Bulldog. I think I am about half way done with the painting so there will be more to come as I finish it up.  This is in watercolor. The first step is a rough drawing. Then I drew it again and refined it a little. I added a dab of masking fluid for the reflection in the eye and started washing over with a little yellow ocher and raw sienna. I did a lot of modeling with pencil and I am slowly going to build up the darks and make those wrinkles pop. bulldogs have spots so I have to figure out that as I go. 
Rough sketch above and the tight pencil on watercolor paper below.

First wash.

darkening up, starting to figure out the spots.

deepening the wrinkles with light browns.

Jumping into some darker darks.

I have to stop for now. Getting some darks in is getting me excited to keep going. Check back.

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