Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Controlling the Genie

At that moment the Ginie opened its' mouth and said, "You have heard the condition on which I can accept to work for you." "Yes, I did," said the merchant. "Think about it once more before you finalize the deal," said the Ginie. I will do whatever you will like me to do, but if you fail to provide me some engagement I will destroy you, your wealth, and your family - everything…." "I agree to it. I have enough jobs for you. You will not be disappointed."

The Genie in the classic Hindu story is a metaphor for the mind. The mind has unlimited creative potential but equally destructive power. The story teaches us to use meditation to control the destructive qualities of the mind.

I see a lesson for artistic creation. When practicing art, during the process when images are created, the artist must winnow the grain from the chaft. The artist must be critical. The inner critic can take over and begin to find fault in every aspect of the work and artist. The critic must be controlled as the genie in the story.

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