Monday, March 12, 2007

David Byrne

When I first met Sam Karp he showed me David Byrne's book Arboretum. The book is a combination poetry and drawing. Each page is a kind of refined brainstorm. It reminds me of the familiar whiteboard brainstorming. Here the goal is different. The tool is turned into a creative expression itself. I see a connection to what Danny Gregory says in his book about not using your sketch book as a dumping ground but as a space to create.

This is an interesting connection. Danny Gregory the probably uses similar brainstorming in his advertising work. David Byrne has taken the sketchbook and brainstorm format and turned into a conceptual work of art.

I see a lesson in paying attention during the process. Look for ways to turn everything into art.

David Byrne went to Maryland Institute College of Art as a freshman then transfered to RISD. When I was a student at MICA I used to frequent the Mt Royal Tavern. Which is one of the world's great bars. And has a very nice replica of the Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapel on its ceiling. I knew a guy that I met there that had lived with David Byrne during his MICA days. He said they kept monkeys in their apartment. I can't remember the guys name now. I don't know if it is true. The Tav's slogan is
Where art is bullshit, and good bullshit is an art.

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