Monday, March 05, 2007

Creative License

Here is a spread from my sketchbook. These pages show show a sketch from the life drawing class I lead on Tuesday nights 6-9 at DIVA. I added a little watercolor to one of our favorite models, Mariama. You can also see a couple of artists drawing. Thereis also a face from TV and a guitar player from TV.

I have been enjoying Danny Gregory's book Creative License. This book has helped me have fun with my sketchbook again. I have kept sketchbooks for over 20 years, usually the black hardbound type. Sometimes I take the art too seriously. I loose the fun that got me interested in following the artist's path and that is where the sketch book comes in. I need a place to enjoy looking, drawing, and thinking; my sketchbook helps me do that. But seriousness is fun too. I want to make my sketchbook great but it is just for me. It is not going in a gallery.

Danny has a great perspective on how to handle the inner critic and not take the sketchbook too seriously but still making it good. He has lots of good stuff on getting started, basic drawing, writing exercises, and creativity exercises.


dannygregory said...

thanks for your kind words about my book. I would love to see more pages from your sketchbooks!
Your pal,

John Holdway said...

Hi Danny
Sure. I love showing my sketchbook.